Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

With grout being a sandy and especially porous material, it collects dirt quickly if the protective sealer has worn off. Cleaning grout lines requires special cleaning solutions and equipment to remove the deeply embedded soils. All of our cleaning solutions are safe for your family and pets. Once we finish cleaning your grout lines and scrubbing the tile floor with our powerful scrubbing machine and special 3M tile brush, we will seal the grout lines with a clear sealer to protect from any further soiling.    


Color Grout Sealing

Color sealing your tile's grout lines can help to remove ugly, permanent staining, but also help to compliment the colors of your tile floors.  Many times the original grout color was not selected to be complimentary to the tile color, which causes the tile floor to have a checker board look to it.  This causes the room to seem as if it is smaller than it actually is.  Having a grout color that is complimentary to a color in the tile itself allows the entire floor to flow, creating the look of a much larger room.  

Take a look at the before and after pictures below as the original white grout (high contracts creating a very obvious checkerboard pattern) is replaced with a complimentary color (which gives the floor a flowing and consistent look).