Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpet, Dries Fast....Dirt Cheap Prices!

It's simple. Our low moisture cleaning (also known as bonnet cleaning) will clean your carpets and get them looking good again! We use non-toxic cleaning solutions which is safe for your family and pets. 

Deodorize & Sanitize

Our deodorizer is reinforced with an Enzyme-based pre-conditioner that helps break down organic soiling in the carpet.  Our deodorizer will help to remove deeply embedded musky odors that linger deep in the carpet fibers, while our sanitizer will help kill bacteria that is created from all of the dead skin and hair, pet dander, and accumulated pollutants that are the source of allergy causing dust mites in the carpet.  

Pet Treatment

We can also treat pet spots and odors (both topically or under the carpet if pet accidents are more severe). There are varying levels of pet accident contamination in the carpet.  Your technician will be best equipped to provide you with all of the options after they have done their "walk-through" with you.

Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Finally, we can put the final finishing touches on your flooring investment by professionally applying 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector to help keep spills and everyday dirt and grime from damaging your carpet.  Carpet protector will also make the carpets clean up better the next time we are there to get them professionally cleaned.